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Renix Successfully Commissions the Demonstration RenixUIX™ Unit

LONDON, ONT - Renix understands the need to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions to capture, separate, and purify resources for the increasing needs of the global population. The world’s producers and providers need these solutions to face the looming technical and economic pressures associated with lower grade sources, increased regulation, and increased environmental and social licensing issues.
As a leader in the development of innovative liquid separation solutions, Renix has developed the steady-state RenixUIX™ system utilizing the proven chemistry of ion exchange and delivering it in a newly patented platform, to achieve higher quality industrial liquid separation while minimizing required inputs.
In 2018, Renix embarked on the design and construction of a commercial demonstration RenixUIX™ unit.  To provide scale-up demonstration and industry acceptance, Renix built a universal fully automated demonstration unit to allow for application configuration across multiple industries.  The demonstration unit incorporates full remote monitoring and control, robust 24/7 continuous operations, and modular skid mounted components that industries demand to maximize operational efficiency. 
"Renix would like to acknowledge the instrumental financial and advisory support that Bioindustrial Innovation Canada (BIC) has provided, through their Centre for Commercialization of Sustainable Chemistry Innovation (COMM SCI) program, that made the development of the demonstration RenixUIX™unit possible,” says Eduardo Cordova, Vice President of Business Development at Renix.  “BIC's support has allowed Renix to achieve this massive step towards commercialization and strengthen our presence as a separations leader in the bio-industrial, agriculture (food and beverage), industrial water, metals and minerals, and fuels and chemical sectors," says Eduardo.
“The introduction of the demonstration RenixUIX™ unit marks a significant advance in Renix's commercial growth that provides clients an opportunity to trial the technology, realize actual efficiencies, and de-risk their equipment and solution selection,” says A.J. (Sandy) Marshall, Executive Director of BIC.

For further Information please contact:
Eduardo Cordova, P. Eng.
Vice President of Business Development
Renix Inc.
Phone: 519.858.5036
Email: ecordova@renix.ca